Duo Flow Incline Screen

Duo Flow Incline Screen

KDF Series Duo Flow Incline Screen

Type: Screening equipment

Feed Size: :≤200mm

Capacity: 25-500t/h

Materials: MaterialsAggregate (River stone, gravel, granite, basalt, mineral, quartz, diabase), Iron ore, copper ore, cement,Lime, artificial sand, fluorite, limestone, slag, etc.

Applications: Mining, metallurgy, construction, highway, railroad etc.


KDF Series inclined Duo flow vibrating screen, deck has two inclination. First half portion of every deck has higher inclination and second half portion of deck has lower inclination. This two inclination has advantage over ripple flow single inclination screen. First half higher inclination is for better stratification and second half of deck with lower inclination is for better separation

KDF Series inclined Duo flow vibrating screens is composed by sieving box, mesh, vibration exciter and damper spring. With the advanced technology and unique structure, it is widely used in coal, metallurgy, electric power, building material and other industries.


1. Frame : The vibrating frame has been specially designed to ensure maximum ruggedness and rigidity.Simple construction allows complete dismantling.

  • Two side plates of heavy-duty design.
  • Deck frames bolted to the side plates with high carbon high tensile bolts & consists of cross –members & deck bars.
  • Shaft casing made up of extra heavy-duty pipe.
  • With machined flanges bolted to the side plates.
  • Ensuring dual function – protecting shaft & serving as structural member of the live frame casing is also provided with rubber lagging along the entire length.
  • Tensioning clamp plates run the entire length of the screen on both sides. They serve two purposes
  • To hold the screen cloth in proper tension square neck bolt with clamping plate is positioned on side wall. Which helps spread materials across the full Width of the screen for better screening.
  • To make screen cloth replacement easier & Simpler.

2. Easy Coil – Spring Replacement:

  • Modular pivoted spring mounting assembly for easy replacement and two-degree screen box inclination change.

3. Exclusive Motor Base:

  • Heavy-duty, Pivoted motor base ensure isolation of vibration from oscillator to motor.

4. Screening Surfaces:

  • The frames of this type of screens are designed to incorporate different types of screening surfaces, such as woven wire cloth perforated plates, rubber decks, polyurethane decks. The type of deck surface is selected considering the duty, materials, screening sizes & the user’s preference.

5. Vibrating Unit:

Made up of:

  • One-piece high strength centric shaft designed for minimum deflection & maximum bearing life.
  • Two heavy duty self – aligning double row spherical roller bearings specially designed for vibrating screen with a high loading capacity.
  • They are placed in flanged housings allowing easy installation in the bearing boxes of the frame.
  • A set of rotating labyrinth seals provides rigorous protection against moisture, dust & other harmful elements. Bearing is lubricated with grease introduced under pressure by a grease gun.

Technology advantages :

  • Sharp Accurate Sizing : Four factors guarantee the efficiency of the ripple flow screen
    • Stroke Adjustability
    • Speed Adjustability
    • Uniformity of Stroke
    • Inclination adjustability
  • High Output:
    • Every square meter of the Screen is “alive “for highest capacity.
    • Uniform motion throughout produces an accurately – sized product.
  • Circular - Throw:
    • A simpletwo – bearing oscillator producestrue circular throw. This causes material to rotate many times as it crosses the screen cloth.
  • Adjustable Stroke:
    • RIPPLE FLOW SCREEN are supplied with pre – set stroke as required by specific service applications. If a change in operating Conditions is required in the Field, the stroke is adjusted easily by adding or removing Insert mass.
  • Simple Maintenance:
    • Screen cloth replacement easy and simple.
    • All permanent connections are welded and maintenance – free.
    • All bolted connection are with high carbon high tensile bolts.
    • Modular construction.

Flange assembly slip fit on the shaft permit easy bearing replacement

Working Principle

The motor makes the exciter rotating speedily through the V-belt. Besides, the great centrifugal force produced by rotating eccentric block makes the sieve box do circular motion of some amplitude, together with the impulse transmitted through sieve box on the slope surface, which makes the materials on the screen surface successively tossed forward. Thus, the classification is achieved in the process of thrown-up as materials with smaller size than the mesh is falling through.

Technical Data :

Model W x L (mm) Surface (M2) Deck (Nos) Power (KW) Vibrating Type Acceleration (G Force). App. Wt. (Kg.)
KDF 120/360 – 2D 1200 x 3500 4 2 5.5 CIRCULAR MOTION RIPPLE FLOW More Than 3 and Less Than 5 2000
KDF 120/360 – 3D 1200 x 3500 4 3 7.5 2500
KDF 150/450 – 2D 1500 x 4800 7 2 9.3 4500
KDF 150/450 – 3D 1500 x 4800 7 3 15 5500
KDF 150/500 – 4D 1500 x 5000 7.5 4 18.5 5800
KDF 180/450 - 4D 1800 x 4500 8 4 22 6500
KDF 180/540 – 2D 1800 x 5000 9 2 18.5 6000
KDF 180/540 – 3D 1800 x 5000 9 3 22 6500
KDF 200/600 – 2D 2000 x 6000 12 2 22 6800
KDF 200/600 – 3D 2000 x 6000 12 3 30 7200
KDF 200/600 – 4D 2000 x 6000 12 4 30 8800
KDF 240/650 – 2D 2400 x 6500 15 2 30 8200
KDF 240/650 – 3D 2400 x 6500 15 3 37 11000

Note : The capacity per hour is consider onthe basis of bulk density with 1.6x10³kg/m³.Capacities are relative to physical character and type of feeding, feeding size and composition and so on

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