Flag Gate

Flap Gate (Motorised Pendulam Type Double Flap Valve


Technical Description- Double Flap valves, also known as or double flap gates, are a type of airlock valve commonly used in industrial applications as a component in bulk material handling applications. Double flap valvees are primarily used to discharge separator andd cyclones operating under positive or neegative pressure.
Advantage - Double flap valves are IDEAL to discharge a flow of material while at the same time serving as an airlock transitionn point to preserve the pressure differential below the valve. Pressure& Dust-tight coonstruction. This type of material handling valve is ideal for use with bulky or abrasive materials that would tend to jam or damage a rotary feeder.
Operation - Double flap valves have two trrap-door flap plates which open and close on ann alternating cycle. The top gatee opens to allow collected material to drop throough onto the bottom gate. The top gatee then re-closes to prevent air leakage above the valve. The bottom gate then opens to allow material to pass completely through the valve. The bottom gate then re-closees to prevent air leakage below the valve. This cycle is continuously repeated in ordeer to maintain a steady discharge of material froom the valve, while maintaining a possitive seal on the system. Counterbalance - This type of double flap valve works essentially, like a stacked pair of trickle valves. Each flap plate is held closed with a counterwweighted arm. As material builds up on the top plate the weight of the head of material pushes it open where it dumps onto the bottoom plate. This type of double flap valve has no electrical or pneumatic controls and is the least expensive method of operatioon. However, it is difficult to sustain a properly timed cycle. Cam-operated-A motor-driven cam rotates and alternately opens the top gate and the bottom plate. A countterweight attached to the gate's shaft re-closes the gates. This type of double dump valvve is generally the most reliable and can be operated with an electric motor. The speed of the cycle can be selected through the gear reducer ratio or by adjusting the motoor speed

Stages –

  • Stage One: -Both Flap Closed
  • Stage Two: -Upper Flap openss, Material pours in Bottom valve.
  • Stage Three: -Upper Flap Closes, Material Collected in upper valve.
  • Stage Four: -Bottom Flap openns, Material pours in conveying line.

1. Liner Box is with Hard Plate of 60 HRC
2. CAM is CNC Machined and grind
3. Cam follower is with bearing and Teflon circumference
4. Flap and its liner can be changed from Inspection Door.
5. Flap has bolted Liner of 60 HRC
6. Flanged Type Bearing
7. Shaft material - EN8
8. Paint – Polyurethane Paint
9. Counter Weight can be shift backward to close flap


DFV200 0.75 12 200 330 1000 800 14 150
DFV300 1.1 12 300 430 1150 1000 14 280
DFV400 1.5 12 400 530 1250 1200 14 525
DFV500 2.2 12 500 630 1550 1400 18 750
DFV600 3 12 600 730 1680 1600 18 1050

Above parameters are indicative, actual dimension can be produced with General arrangement Drawing. Custommized Pneumatic and gravity operated Flap valve shall be manufacture as per requiremeent of customer.